Sunday, March 11, 2012


Vormen van Agresssie? different expressions of anger and how to manage it

  • Frustratieagressie/Frustration anger
  • Instrumentele agressie/ Instrumentale anger
  • Impulsieve agressie/Impulsive anger
We can all identify wilt certain angers, we all experienced some kind of them. Because we are on the site of birthright it is for pregnant woman very important we are sensitive to her needs during labour. If she want something we should listen to her and to her partner.
I remember a friend of mine in labour who was repeatedly being asked by her midwife to let her do a vaginal toucher, my friend being a dancer, and in touch with her body did not like the exam and asked her repeatedly not to touch her!! Till the midwife came to close and would not hear my friend her NO, then with sheer frustration my friend kicked her and the midwife broke her arm. So one needs to know when to stop and how to proceed.....

Instrumental anger is usely being used as a tool to belittle or to intimidate, can be soft without screams or fist, yet just as powerful, myself has used this case, a colleague wanted me to do something for her and used my name in a belittling tone, therefore made me feel inferior, also a form of aggression often used.

And then of course we have the impulsive anger, just to look at someone and see the boiler getting hotter is enough to take a step back, because before you know it you have the punch.

All this angers can also be felt with partners of pregnant woman, they see there wife suffer, they see unexplained proceeding and can go over the edge. If a child dies during labour it can all explode and there fore one needs to know anger management for it is more then just fist that can hurt you.

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